Download Virtual Foosball (Windows Installer)

Download Virtual Foosball + Source Code (Windows Installer)


Virtual Foosball started off as a final project for my school assignment. I liked what it had become and decided to improve upon it and make it available to the public. Virtual Foosball is very playable and perfect when you're itching to play foosball but there's no table around.

Virtual Foosball is a networked 3D simulation of the game of foosball. It contains features such as instant replays and arcade mode. Virtual Foosball is available for Windows, although the source(packaged with download) compiles on Linux as well.

Arcade mode allows you to powerup the ball by passing it back and forth between your men until it glows yellow and then taking a shot. Super shots light the ball on fire and move much faster than regular shots.

Network mode is currently fully functional when playing over a local LAN.


In-game menu with recorded games playing in the background.

The instant replay feature in action.

Another instant replay view, where the motion blur is more obvious.

Development screenshot of the foosball table model.

The standard in-game view.

Arcade mode power shots light the ball on fire and leave a trail.