Interactive 3D Image Segmentation Software. Developed with Dr. Ghassan Hamarneh and Dr. Rafeef Abugharbieh, and the University of British Columbia.

Linfinity (Dynamic 3D Scene Graphs)


By relatively defining objects by smaller (possibly self-similar) objects, we can construct 3D scenes where the user can zoom in or out forever.

Virtual Foosball


Virtual Foosball is a networked 3D simulation of the game of foosball. It contains features such as instant replays and arcade mode.

Marching Tetrahedrons Screensaver


A screensaver composed of moving amorphous blobs that change colours. It includes an implementation of the marching tetrahedrons algorithm.

2D Implicit Surface Screensaver


A screensaver composed of moving 2D amorphous blobs. The outlines of the blobs are rendered, and determined through an implementation of a marching squares algorithm.

Software 3D Renderer


A software 3D rendering engine that I had developed. It supports textures, bilinear filtering and loading Quake 2 models.

Half-Life Model Viewer


A demo application that will load Half-Life models and then play through their animations.

3D Iterated Function Systems


A summary paper of a project for rendering definitions of iterated function systems in 3D.